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PROGRAM  testimonials

"Having three children playing two different sports at the club level all over the country provided us with a healthy insight into the challenges a parent encounters when choosing where, with whom, and how much to invest in club sports.  As a reference point, all three of our children already play or are committed to playing DI sports in college.  Our oldest daughter, who currently plays NCAA DI Lacrosse, played for Coach Jack for both club and high school for over 5 years.  


Coach Jack balances several of the very key attributes you want in a coach.  She played the game at the next level, she is passionate, she is vested in your daughter, she learned world class coaching skills from and with some of the best in the country.  We also loved that she balances being firm while challenging your child while not being over the top.  


If you are deciding on whether or not to have your daughter play club lacrosse, say “Yes!”. Club lacrosse is a great community. If you are evaluating REBEL and Coach Jack against the competition, the answer is YES for us¦ and that is after making the journey with her once already."


-Trevor Neumann, Father of Lauren Neumann | Midfielder | St. Mary’s College (CA) '19

“Our daughter is in her 6th year of playing lacrosse in Southern Nevada. Last year she began playing for REBEL Lacrosse under Head Coach Heather Jack. I cannot say enough good things about Coach Jack and the entire REBEL coaching staff. The mentoring and training that our daughter has experienced are first class. She has learned skills and techniques that we previously had to send her off to expensive camps in other states to be exposed to.

The coaching she is getting with the REBEL has raised her game play to a level that she is now being scouted by college coaches who are showing a very serious interest in her. As a former Division I women’s lacrosse player, Coach Jack has gone through the recruiting process and has the know-how to guide us through it. Her vast experience, integrity, and approach to teamwork and personal responsibility are what set her apart.

Coach Jack inspires and motivates each girl on the team to work hard to become exceptional athletes as well as women with strong character. Our daughter’s dream is to play lacrosse in college. Under the guidance of the REBEL coaching staff and the exposure of competing as a REBEL at some of the biggest tournaments on the West Coast, our daughter will achieve that dream.”


-Tony & Christine Maraccini, Parents of Gianna Maraccini | Attack | Embry-Riddle University '20 | Daytona Beach, FL

“Jack is the best coach I have ever been coached by. Not only did she bring my game up to the next level, helping me get recruited to play at a top Division I school, but she was a role model to me as well. She was able to connect to me better than any other adult and is still a mentor to me today. She was able to break down aspects of the game that made sense to me individually, and pushed me to reach a potential I didn’t know existed within me. She has always encouraged me to take risks as a player and a person. Any program or girl would be lucky to be coached and inspired by Jack.”


– Jasmine Docal | Midfield/Defense | Northwestern University ’18 | Evanston, IL

“As the mother of a girl’s lacrosse player in Las Vegas, I feel extremely lucky to have found REBEL Lacrosse and Coach Jack. My daughter was initially thinking of playing for another team.  Coach Jack spent an hour on the phone with me and my daughter to talk through my daughter’s background, her personal and academic goals, and what we were doing to achieve those goals. After that conversation, I knew that REBEL was the right choice for us.  I haven’t regretted that decision for a single moment since.


Coach Jack brings incredible experience to Rebel and the girls she coaches.  Lacrosse in Las Vegas is still relatively new.  I have not found a single person within our girl’s community that possesses the skill and knowledge of the game, as well as contacts outside of Las Vegas, as Coach Jack.


Since joining the team, Coach Jack has coached my daughter not only as an athlete but as a young woman who will soon be an adult. She had guided us through the recruiting experience, and my daughter is now being actively recruited by coaches from across the nation.


Coach Jack demands the best from her players.  In return, she gives her best right back to them.  REBEL is an experience that cannot be duplicated in Las Vegas.”


– Geri Martin, Mother of Megan Martin | Goalie | Colorado College '19 | Colorado Springs, CO

“REBEL lacrosse was easily the best club experience I have ever had. During my time with REBEL, the skills, fitness, and leadership techniques I learned allowed me to grow into the player I am today. The coaching staff was unbelievably helpful and supportive. REBEL made playing lacrosse extremely competitive, yet so much fun! REBEL is the ultimate club for any player ready to play at the next level.”

– Dacia Persky | Attack | Wellesely College ’20 | Boston, MA

“My time at rebel was one I will never forget. I grew not only as a lacrosse player but truly as a person. The recruiting part of REBEL is the best recruiting you will find in Las Vegas. Jack will help you find the college that fits you and the lacrosse program is right for you. REBEL helped me grow together with a team and taught me what a true team spirit is like. I am so thankful for Jack and all of the REBEL coaches for helping me achieve my goal of playing lacrosse in college.”


– Paige Erlanger | Attack | Redlands University ’20 | Redlands, CA

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