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Vegas Strong Lacrosse is a Las Vegas-based non-profit organization committed to the continued success of the Vegas women's lacrosse community. 
Our Vision

To develop athletic performance & inspire character growth in all of our players.

Our Mission

To provide more opportunities for higher education to the young women of Las Vegas through access to affordable club lacrosse.

As a non-profit, we rely on various kinds of donations from our community to provide an affordable team experience to our players. Click to find out how you can support Vegas Strong Lacrosse.

Way to Help & Donate
About Vegas Strong Lacrosse

The REBEL Way dba Vegas Strong Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the ever-growing Las Vegas lacrosse community.


Our mission is to provide young lacrosse players with a safe environment to develop athletically and cultivate the strength of character needed for life's future challenges. Our organization's goal is to grow lacrosse by utilizing the sport as a platform to encourage higher education and to inspire character growth through philanthropic work in our community and one-on-one mentoring.


For girls grades 5-12, Vegas Strong Lacrosse is an opportunity to work hard, explore untapped potential, push beyond perceived boundaries, make mistakes, learn, grow, thrive, and have fun while playing lacrosse.

At Vegas Strong, we offer different programs in order to best suit your child's needs:

Vegas Strong Gold and Silver are our High School travel teams. Girls on these teams are pushed to the next level of character, skill and LAX IQ development by playing in local and sister-state tournaments. At Vegas Strong, we believe in PLAYING UP to develop, not playing down to win. Our job is to prepare your daughter to be the best lacrosse player she can be at the level SHE chooses. We do that by teaching our girls to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, to challenge themselves daily, and to always hold themselves accountable.

Vegas Strong Elite is our High School Showcase team. This team is 100% geared towards college recruitment. Every player on this team has one goal in mind: To go to College! Most ELITE members do go on to play lacrosse in college, and some choose not to, but they ALL end up pursuing their dreams of higher education after high school. Members on this team train together 9 months out of the year and travel to the top recruiting tournaments in the country. This team offers complete, one-on-one college recruitment mentoring, college-level practices, and strength-and-conditioning programming. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best... and these girls are the best in Southern Nevada.


To date, Vegas Strong (formerly REBEL and Movin Up) has produced more than 45 college commits since September 2014 - most of which were accompanied by academic and athletic scholarships.

Why Vegas Strong?

Our Philosophy

Establish goals. Be yourself. Work hard. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Surprise yourself. Get back up, and do it again!​

Establish goals. Be yourself. Work hard. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Surprise yourself. Get back up, and do it again!​

Experienced Coaches

Our Coaches live & breathe lacrosse. They know what it takes to succeed. No second-hand knowledge. Player development is the main focus & they have the tools to get the job done.

Strength & Conditioning

We are dedicated to keeping your body strong, healthy, and on the playing field – not sidelined because of poor training practices. Strength & conditioning program specific to lacrosse players is integrated into each season.

Season Breakdown

Each season will vary slightly depending on the team. All seasons include several on-field practices, strength & conditioning sessions, out-of-state tournament competition, & team events. See the Event Schedule for upcoming events.

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College Recruitment

It takes more than a good stick to get onto a college team these days. Competition is fierce, but there are ways to successfully navigate the college recruitment process. Learn more about our college lacrosse recruiting program

Continued Support

Always Vegas Strong. Support doesn’t stop at the final whistle of the last tournament. Once you’ve become a member of the Vegas Strong family, you will forever have access to our coaches for training, recruitment, & mentoring. 

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